Monday, 14 April 2014

Day 3

Kibera scho
Current  School


Day three starts on Monday and not Sunday. That was my rest day. So today, Monday I was up and about as early as 5:30 to get things in place for the day. Today was the day I returned to Kibera and worked with the form four students of Riara Education Centre. This centre is currently undergoing construction in the building of a new wing for the students. This project is funded through the GEMS Foundation. Many schools very much like DAA which come under the GEMS umbrella have lead initiatives to raise funds for this additional building at this school. The notion that " kids will do this for other kids is amazing to me" explained Paul, the school"s head principal. We were on a tour of the school as it is and the additional wing that is the pride and joy of the Kibera students and community.

New GEMS classrooms

After the tour and chat with Paul about the approach I planned to take with the students, the day really got started

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