Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Value of Education

By Suzzanne Pautler

Necessary Arts has complete conviction in the belief that education is a basic human right every child deserves.  Therefore, we are proud to have sponsored this year’s school fees for the 20 secondary students at JEHO because we know that the true value of educating each one of these children moves beyond the here and now.  

 We asked the students to write an essay for us explaining what education means to them, proving that they fully understand its value and importance. Here is a selection of thoughts about education from the mouths of 14-18 year olds:

  • As a girl, I have dreams and I don’t believe in failure. I see myself as a source of inspiration, an idol, and perhaps a role model to many people in a few year’s time.

  • Education equips me with various skills on how to live life. It helps me to analyse a situation critically before making any conclusions.

  • Education helps me to acquire virtues that will help me to fit in the society.

  • In the future, I will be educated. I would like to help the needy and the homeless. I would live everyone to have a place to be and a place to call home.

  • After achieving my education, I would like to fight for the rights of those who are neglected in the community and in our country. These are the orphans, the widows, and the least fortunate who cannot stand and fight for themselves in Kenya and even in our continent Africa. This is how education is important to me and how it will help me as an individual give back to the society.

  • I will really work hard in school so that I may achieve my dreams and goals so that I may become a better person in future and in life.

  • Without education there’s no future for coming generations.

  • Education is the most important thing in the universe. People cannot prosper without education.

  • I want to be educated to be a great woman in the society, a role model. I want to benefit many and transform lives in a great and positive way.  A successful life will need:  God + Education.

  • I believe that by God’s grace through my hard work in education, I will be able to achieve my dream of becoming a great engineer.

  • My greatest desire is to be able to acquire good education to enable me to not be a dependent, but a contributor. A good education will help shape my life in the right way.

  • I love school with a passion and I want to go to school daily and work smart and hard for I know a bright future is built from school.

  • My hobby is playing football. Despite my love of football, I put more consideration and great effort towards my education since I know it is the only thing that can make my future bright.

  • I believe through education I will be able to achieve my dream of being a nurse. Through education I will be able to attain full knowledge of managing my own resources.

According to the words of Martin Luther King, “Education without social action is a one-sided value because it has no true power potential.” I am so proud to read these statements from the children, because several of them prove their understanding of the importance in not only receiving an education, but also in giving back to the community.  With an education, these students will become leaders in their communities, create positive impact and change, and slowly transform the world one day at a time.

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