Tuesday, 11 August 2015

In Search of a School

Walking through the Community
by Suzzanne Pautler
After the students gathered their guavas, I asked if any of them were walking in the direction of the Bofa Primary School, and if so, would they walk with us to show us the way?  We suddenly found ourselves surrounded by 24 students who were happy to escort us down the red dirt trail. Along the way, our students did in fact share their guavas with other village children!

The primary school opened five years ago with just two classrooms. Today they have seven and a new building under construction.  The new building features a sign painted above one door showing where the computer lab will be.  Ironically, there is no power accessible to the school; however, the head teacher is optimistic that it will come one day, as will the computers.  

The building contractor arrived by vehicle which resulted in each child running to surround him.  His habit is to share mint candies with the students and this offered us an opportunity to go to the head teacher's office where we could exchange further information.  We were pleasantly surprised to see a stack of cardboard boxes in his office.  They were labelled "Tom's Shoes---Not For Resale", next to drawing of a foot for easy measuring. That which Tom's purports seems to be true!

After our visit to the school, the children walked us home along the shortcut, where true to their nature, they shared their mints with other children we met. Although the students do not have much, their hearts are golden!  We enjoyed walking with them past the bougainvillea, baobab trees, maize farms, and mango trees. These students are so deserving of the good education that will lead to their happiness. Necessary Arts is proud to play a small role in their educational development, and we look forward to future visits.

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