Monday, 10 August 2015

NAS Returns to Kenya with Teacher Volunteers

Over the past year and a half Necessary Arts School has gone to Kenya and built relationships with several youth groups using the dramatic arts as an empowering tool to teach the importance of global citizenship.

This month of August 2015, a very strong team of amazing teachers from Dubai American Academy, are volunteering their time and services to continue the school’s Reach the Unreachable project. This time around Ms. Suzanne Pautler standing in for Ms. Naima Thompson as the Program Director, welcomes Ms. Melinda Eversteyn, Amanda Milkeraitis and Ms. Teresa Cantu to the program as teaching volunteers. Ms Allyson Holder, the Trinidad and Tobago NAS representative joins the group on the final leg of workshops in Nairobi to tie up any administrative loose ends.

The program starts off in a small fishing village in Kilifi just outside Mombasa where selected members of the community will work together. Then the team move onto the Nairobi area working in Pipeline at an orphanage and at a center for street children in Dagaretti. They also visit a site for Sudanese refugee children in Kawagware. Finally they will visit the Nairobi neighboring county of Kajiado where they will work with rescued children from early childhood marriage and FGM.

As the program unfolds we will provide updated blogs depicting the outcome of the workshops. 


Amanda Milkeraitis: I am a Math teacher, with 21 years experience, currently teaching middle school Algebra. Also passionate about Performing, Creative and Language Arts "on the side". Looking forward to bringing whatever skills I can to the Necessary Arts program. "Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas". Albert Einstein.

Melinda Eversteyn: I am a very passionate art teacher that loves to unleash the creative abilities of young minds I works with. I am a patient and persistent educator who leads by example. Picasso once said that every child is an artist! And I believe that to be true. Inspiring young minds is the cheese in my vegemite sandwich!

Suzzanne Pautler: If each person capable of creating a little bit of positive change did so, imagine the impact we could make worldwide. Working with the children of Kenya through the Reach the Unreachable project with Necessary Arts  is my attempt to create a little bit of positive change.

Teresa Cantu: "I became interested in Necessary Arts because I know that learning takes many forms, and with access to education people feel empowered to become role models within their communities and gain the confidence to change the world." 

Allyson Holder: I believe that without humanitarian efforts from those of us blessed with talents to share, our world will continue on a downward spiral. It is always my pleasure to contribute whatever services I can to Necessary Arts as they strive to Reach the Unreachable through the arts.

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