Monday, 15 August 2016

Courage to Lead

By William Nazareth
On the second day of workshops, we started off with a rather large number of participants, perhaps about 35 by the time we got started.  During the first twenty minutes of class, a steady stream of children poured through the door, and soon we were faced with about 85 kids! Word had apparently spread that our teachers were doing something good for the community, and some of yesterday's participants brought their friends and other family members to participate today!

The presence of the camera proved to change the way that the kids behaved.  Many of the younger children continued to wave when the camera was pointed at them, and 
continued to ask to have their pictures taken. The older kids, especially those that seemed to light up in front of the camera yesterday, presented themselves in a way that demanded attention - silk-like fabrics, bright colors, and styled hair was their look for the day.
The footage highlighted the younger children today.  One of the best shots of the day came from the little kids hovering over Suzzi as she read a book to them.  Another memorable moment was when 2 very young girls had led the kids in a song.  Who knew that seven year olds could have the courage to be leaders!

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