Friday, 12 August 2016

Perceptions of Peace

by Naima Thompson

Once again the NA team is in Kenya...without me...
After putting things in place to return I received the devastating news from my doctors that it would be in my best interest to not make the trip just yet. You could all imagine my despair. As usual, Suzzi was ready to pick up the torch and carry on to Bofa Village, Kilifi with our two new volunteers. Jeff Quinto teaching music and William Nazareth offering his film making skills to document the experience.

This Reach the Unreachable project has taken on a whole new life of its own since I've been ill and I love how the volunteers are able to jump right in and continue the magic. This morning the team was surprised but very ready to meet almost 75 participants with an expectation of 75 more tomorrow. Jeff is an amazing music teacher at Dubai American Academy and I know he will rock their world in Bofa Village too!

The Peace themed workshop will run for four days. Under Jeff's vocal direction they will discover new and interesting ways to share their understanding of peace. I must admit that I am very excited to see the footage that William captures. On September 21 for Peace One Day, the world will observe the UN allocated day for peace in many ways. I am hoping for Necessary Arts to share a video documentary of our Kenyan voices expressing their Perceptions of Peace in Swahili and English. For now, I will sit back and wait for the magic to unfold!

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