Sunday, 9 July 2017


By Buket Ozdel Gurol

Teachers have a huge impact upon their students. In fact, all of us impact those around us. When an individual connects with the space and the people around herself, a powerful connection can be made. While I watch Naima teach, I see her connection to her students. While I watch Natasha, I immediately see her dedication to the children. While I watch Theresa support her team members, I  appreciate her connection with us as she completes our team. I am proud to be a member of the Necessary Arts team to serve the children, and make connections.

When I started the arts and crafts lesson with the 5 year olds, they waited with curiosity. We started with a question and answer game, and they always responded with a big “yes”. One activity was to make a friendship bracelet which filled me with warmth and touched my heart. The children take their work seriously and come for support from the teachers to knot their bracelets when they finish. Many asked if they could make more than one. All the girls and boys were proud to wear their bracelets as they left the class.

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