Friday, 28 July 2017

My first ever in Trinidad and Tobago!

I joined the Necessary Arts team on their third day at Buccoo Community Centre as we were greeted by a large group of eager students that had arrived early, so excited to start the workshop.
While my main task was to take visual footage during the session, I also had the opportunity to work with two of the boys on typography, specifically creating graffiti styled text. Together we drew designs for the six boxes that are used during the major performance. Diamond, one of the talented students, tells me he will go home and practice and that next time I return he will have created more advanced graffiti art. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn a new skill impressed me. He did this in between performing, writing a script and leading others.

Another young man, Roger, prepared all the boxes by wrapping them in brown paper. His patients and attention to detail was quite incredible. While this would be something I would have rushed, it was nice to see him put in the extra time and effort, taking pride in the props. They will look great on stage.

Other highlights from today include both the stage combat lesson and the flying game . It was great how quickly the group would work together as a team and achieve success. After a delicious lunch the group stretched out with some yoga moves and then it was decision time with regards to planning the final act. The rehearsal for their main performance was looking good and I am excited to see the final show tomorrow. Thanks everyone for a great day...My first ever in Trinidad and Tobago!

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