Monday, 31 July 2017

My Highlight!

By Melinda Eversteyn

Although I believe that the process is just as, if not more important than the performance, I do have to say today’s ‘performance’ by the group blew me away and was a highlight for me! It was not just about what the students created and performed that got me, it was their passion, excitement, self-pride and owning their achievement.

After a morning of workshopping and rehearsals to tighten up the show, the cast was ready. A small audience from the community came to enjoy the students three scenes. Everybody was focused, kept in character and showed a greater understanding of what they had been taught. We celebrated after and reflected on the entire experience. The students were honest and each had a unique experience. It was during this time that Channel 5 News arrived to interview Naima and take footage. They then asked the students to re-perform their final scene. What great excitement for the students, some of those nerves, to take their scene from an audience of 10, to a potential national news story. It was a thrill to see their entire scene, as well as the interviews, broadcasted as the top story for the night on the news the next time. Hopefully the publicity from this help enable the students to continue experiences like the past 4 days. Well done to everyone that participated, I am so proud of you and glad all of Tobago got to witness your moving and powerful performance.

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